Crochet a Teacup Pocket-Free Pattern!

This gurl thrifted a cardy vest thingy and decided it was in desperate need of some pockets and teacups seemed like a cute addition.

I remembered seeing the knitted version yet I couldn't find a pattern for a crocheted version, so here ya go!
You can also use this an an applique if you wish and lil' embroidered details would be perfecto.

Download the printable PDF here.


Yarn and a hook that matches the size of the yarn.
Needle & thread to stitch it to your garment.

Keep in mind that using a smaller hook will make the pocket tighter so things won’t fall out.


CH 20.
R1:  In second chain from hook, SC to end.  CH1.  Turn.
R2:  SC in same ST as the CH1, then SC to end.  CH1.  Turn.
R3-5:  Repeat R2. (19)
R6:  SK lst ST, SC in each ST to end.  CH1.  Turn. (18)
R7:  Repeat R6. (17)
R8:  Repeat R6. (16)
R9:  Repeat R6.  (15)
R10:  SC in same ST as the CH1, then SC to end.  CH1.  Turn. (15)
R11:  Repeat R6.  (14)
R12:  Repeat R6. (13)
R13:  Repeat R6.  (12)
R14:  Repeat R6.  (11)
R15:  Repeat R6. (10)
R17:  Repeat R6. (9)

I like to have a nice flat edge to pieces like this so I slip stitch all the way around before fastening off. 

So, if you like, now slip stitch all the way around the piece, fasten off.  Weave in the ends.


Attach yarn at the top edge of the teacup (depending on which side you want the handle to face—remember if you’re making two, you’ll need the handle on the opposite side of each piece)

CH 10.  Attach the chain to the bottom of the 3rd row with a slip stitch.

In the back loops only, slip stitch back up the chain.  Slip stitch into the top edge of the cup to secure.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Now stitch it to your favorite garment.

You can make different sizes for the littles or one big pocket for an apron.

As always, please do not sell this pattern or claim it as your own.

Thank you kindly.

Oh, and ya don't get outta here without seeing a picture of my lil' Bubby on Easter.

Croshayin' for the wee one....

This gurl has been design' lil hats and frocks for the wee one due in September.  

Can you tell I'm hopin' it's a gurl?

And, a blog post isn't a blog post unless I include a picture of my Easter Bubby!
He loves chocolate eggs!

Have a crafty weekend!

Seriously. Don't Drink & Drive.

A picture CAN really be worth a thousand words.

This gurl is kinda shaken but writing about it helps.

About 8pm last night, I was gleefully croshaying a rabbit for Easter when I heard a BOOM, then metal scraping on pavement and then the power went out.

I ran outside and heard a man screaming 'Help me!"  
I scrambled for my phone and called 911, all the while running to the scene just yards from my front door and telling the dispatcher what just occurred.  

I couldn't believe what I saw.  

The power pole was literally broken in half and the electrical lines laid over the top of an overturned truck.  
A man was trapped inside pleading for help.  

I kept telling him that I called 911 and he kept begging me not to.

I thought, 

'Too late dude.  You just took out a powerline, cable tv and internet for miles.  
If you have super human powers and can turn back time, I'd do it now.  
Be Brave.  Accept Responsibility.'

Miraculously, he crawled out of the back of the cab with hardly a scratch but was clearly intoxicated.

Within minutes, there were 6 ambulances and 2 sheriffs on the scene.

He tried to run, but a neighbor subdued him.
Clearly, this guy was in BIG trouble.

You get the gist.

Luckily, there wasn't anyone else in the cab with him 
and no one was running or walking on the road.

He's lucky to be alive.

So are a lot of other people.

Well Hello There!

It's been a tad bit since I've posted and thought I'd show ya what this gurl has been up to.  
Of course, if ya follow me on Instagram you've prolly already have seen these.

I've been doin' a bit o'thriftin' and found this lovely Free People top.

I took a day to wander around downtown Seattle.

I love my new Ikea metal and glass yarn storage cabinet.  
It reminds me of an old doctor's office.
I can't wait to fill it up with luscious yarn!

I'm obsessed with late night weaving and blame it on Dottie Angel.

I finally finished this DIY for Bubby's room.  
I'm afraid he'll think it's a ball and want to throw it so it'll prolly stay in my room fer now.
I don't mind.

My mama brought me these lovely lil' vintage dollies to stitch up.  
She thought they'd be cute for the new grandbaby I'll be blessed with this fall.

And finally, I'm croshayin' myself one of these blankies from a vintage croshay book I thrifted.  
I'm hopin' and crossin' my croshay fingers that I'll follow through with completion as I have croshay attention deficit disorder.  

There's always another project I wanna try and I get bored with repetition.

It's my hope to start postin' more here but if don't see me come and join me over on Instagram.  

Use an Electric Mixer to Wind Yarn!

After this idea came across my feed on Facebook, I 'bout fell outta my chair!  
I had to give it a go.

I already have a yarn winder but this goes so much faster and works great with leftover yarn from a skein.

I didn't have a hand mixer (mine's the big Kitchenaide lug), so I picked one up at the thrifts for a few dollars. 

You could also use an electric drill with a mixer head attachment, but you'd hafta use two hands, one to hold the drill and one to keep the tension on the yarn, which could be a bit tricky.  

Cut a small slit at the end of the roll, slide it on the mixer head attachment and attach the yarn to it.  
Hold the yarn to keep a firm tension on it otherwise it'll be all tangled up on the mixer head.

Set the mixer on the counter, turn it on low speed and watch the magic happen!  

I was also thinkin' if you have yer yarn rolled up nice and tidy, you could stick the roll on one of those paper towel holders which would prevent the yarn from gettin' messy and make it oh so much easier to croshay.  
Storage would also be easy because you could hang them from anything.  

Store up on those toilet paper rolls ladies!

Oh, and if you don't see me here, I'm usually hangin' out on Instagram
Feel free to follow me if ya like. 

My Crocheted Wedding Bouquet Featured in November 2014 issue of Homespun Magazine

This gurl is over the moon to see her daughter's croshayed wedding bouquet in a magazine!

Australia's Homespun magazine has featured my projects two months in a row.
How can that be?!

I'll be croshayin' Christmas gifts this weekend.

A few on my list:

These socks.
This pillow.
This cowl.

Have a fun one!

Woolly Granny Ornaments

Now that Halloween is finally over, let's move on to Christmas!

For the past two years, this gurl has decorated her tree with granny squares!

It was time I came up with some new ornaments.

You can use any size yarn but pick a hook to match.

I used a 3mm hook and Sheepjeswol in stonewash. 

These work up quickly!

Let's get started...

CH 4.  SL ST to first chain to form a loop.

Row 1: CH 3, 11 DC into loop, SL ST into top of beginning CH 3, insert hook into next DC, attach new color yarn to hook and pull through as a SL ST. (12 stitches)

Row 2:  CH3, 2DC in same ST.  CH1, SK 1 ST, *3DC in next ST, CH 1, SK 1 ST* repeat from *to* to end.  SL ST to top of beginning CH3.  Insert hook into next DC (center of cluster), attach new color of yarn to hook and pull through as a SL ST.  (6 clusters)

Row 3:  CH3, 2DC in same ST. CH1, *3DC in CH1 space from previous row, CH1.  SK 1 DC, in next DC (center of cluster) 3 DC, CH1*.  Repeat from *to* to end of row, SL ST to top of CH3. (12 clusters)

Row 4.  SL ST into all stitches around.

Row 5:  Turn.  The back side is now facing you.  CH 1 and SC around to end.  SL ST to CH1.  SL ST to center DC.
Make the loop:  CH 13 or however long you want your loop.  Then SL ST back into the beginning ST to secure.  

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Hang on the tree, make a garland for your window or use as decoration on your presents.