If you are so inclined.....

This gurl finally got 'round to uploading my hat pattern on Ravelry.

If you'd like to purchase the pattern, you can find it here.

I appreciate your support!

My Hat Pattern in Crochet Gifts Magazine

Back in March, this gurl was asked by Crochet Gifts Magazine in the UK to create a raffia hat pattern.

It was a tight deadline but I managed to do it!

Thanks to Emily for modeling my hat.
You can find the magazine at Barnes & Noble.

If you'd like to give it a go, I'll have the pattern up for purchase in my shop and Ravelry soon!

What I'm Workin' On

This gurl found a cute wicker bag at the thrift.  
The front was covered in ugly seashells (a craft fail?) and I immediately thought it needed to be rescued and adorned with some croshayed raffia flowers.  
It's almost done.  

This stitch is so fun!
I used sock weight yarn purchased from JoAnns to make a scarf.  
I believe it's Debra Norville yarn.  

Hope yer havin' a wonderful day!

Crocheted Pom Pom Edging

This gurl's hook has been super duper busy!

I thrifted these scarves and decided the grungy fringe had to go.

What better than pom poms?  

I used a 2mm hook and single croshayed around the edge.  

Then I started makin' the pom edging Ms. Once Upon A Pink Moon taught me.

I'm thinkin' of usin' baker's twine yarn and croshayin' poms on dish towels next.

Hope ya have a hooky weekend!  

Best Buddies

These two!  
So sweet.


In other doggy news, my daughter sent this photo she took at her MIL's house.

Apparently, Bubby figured out her doggy door!

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day Mama!

And also to my darling daughter!