Revival of the Pineapple Bowl

This gurl has OFFICIALLY DECLARED, by declaration on this here blog post, hereby and forthwith--

(what's left of it anywayz)

There are some who declare Foxes, Anchors, Hedgehogs and such as 'THEIR' year--so why not a Pineapple?

Dee inspired me to skip on down to the thrifts in search of those wooden bowls gatherin' dust on the shelves of misfits.  
You know the ones.  
Ya see 'em all the time.
Fer cheap.

  It never occurred to me that simply givin' 'em a coat of paint could TOTALLY change their life!  


First, I painted the inside of each bowl with gold leaf.

Not a Pineapple, but Leafy lookin' bowls are cool too!

Then I used different colors of acrylic and painted just the top portion of each bowl with several coats.  

After each one was dry, I sprayed 'em with a coat of clear paint. 

After the clear coat dried, I rubbed the base side with olive oil to restore the natural look of the wood.

Aren't they gorgeous--in that 'mid-century modern' way?

More pineapples, here,  here, (of course I'm gonna croshay a Pineapple!), a croshayed bag, how 'bout a tea cozy,  or a scarf and ooooooo this one!

Boxy Bunny

This gurl's been croshaying lil' boxy bunnies!
The cute shoes are thrifted.  Couldn't resist.

Find the free pattern here!

Win a Pompourri Rug Kit!

Remember this gurl's Pompourri Rug project?

A new website Quicknack was inspired to create a kit and is now selling them so you can make your very own!  
You can purchase one of their kits here.

They're also giving away a free kit to my lovely readers by leaving a comment here on this lil' 'ol blog and either tweetin' the project on Twitter (@quicknack) or following their Facebook page. 

Deadline for entries is 3/19/14!

Good luck!

Crafty Shenanigans

This gurl has been on a craftin' binge!  I pulled out a wooden loom I purchased years ago and started rippin' up vintage sheets into strips and weavin' them into squares.  I tried a bit of chunky yarn too.  
So much fun!

And with Easter comin', I found some plastic ping pong type eggs at Wally World.  $2 for a dozen.  Played around with modge podgin' fabric on 'em and drawin' faces.

It didn't stop there. 
A stamped wood egg.

Be a good one!


My daughter sent this Vine video to me last night.

I could watch it over and over and over.....

A Public Service Announcement - FREE SIMPLY CROCHET ISSUE download

I just found out about this today and wanted to pass it along.
You can download this issue of Simply Crochet for free this weekend (hurry today's Sunday) only.

Go here for instructions on how to get your free copy!

A lil' croshayed bunny

It's gettin' close to bunny time isn't it?

I croshayed this lil' gal up by makin a square in the flat bobble stitch.

Here's the pattern:

Bobble Stitch:  {YO and insert hook in st, yo and draw a loop through, yo and draw through first 2 loops on hook} 3 times all in the same st, yo and draw a loop through all 4 loops on hook.
CH 24 leaving a long enough tail to stitch up the bottom and up through the back seam when you're done.

R1.  1 bobble in 4th ch from hook, ch1, *skip 1 ch, 1 bobble in next ch* repeat from *to* to end.  Turn.

R2.  Ch 3, *1 bobble in next 1ch sp between bobbles of previous row, ch 1; rep from *to* to end, working last bobble in top of turning chain, turn.  

Repeat R2 until you reach the length you'd like your bunny.

Fold it in half and sl st each chain together across the top.  Fasten off.

Make a pom pom for the tail and stitch to the back.
Stitch on eyes and a nose with whiskers.

Use the beginning chain tail to close off the bottom and the back seam.
Stuff the bunny before you close it entirely.  I always use the same color yarn if I can.

Use a length of contrasting yarn to tighten for a neck and tie in a bow.

Cut two pieces of fabric and fold in half for the ears.
Push in the corner of each side and stitch to attach the ears.

Yer done!

Lil' babes love them and you could also make them into a rattle.

For a rattle, I use a small plastic egg filled with plastic beads and then I tape it together to make sure it doesn't open. 

Then I stuff it inside bunny.  

Happy bunny makin'!

10 Months!

Dear Landon,

It's hard for Grammy to believe you're 10 months old today.  Just two more and it's the big #1! 

You're getting to be such a big boy.  You now have four teeth and love trying to eat anything, even a lemon. 

Your hair is starting to get little curls.  That one above your ear slays me.  Awwwwwww......   Mama has promised she won't cut them.  I'm crossin' my fingers.

You're trying to walk and think you're pretty hot stuff when you do.  So do I!  My Dr. Love Diagnosis:  Cutest in the history of evah!

You never hesitate to give kisses and they're always with the open mouth.  We're all used to having a slobbery face when you do, but cherish each and every kiss you give.

It was so excitin' to cheer on our Seahawks to victory in the Superbowl.  Grammy thinks you're the perfect spokesperson for them.

When we're sitting at a stop light, Grammy will play 'peek-a-boo' with you in the rearview mirror.  You think that's pretty funny.

When you throw back your head and laugh, it's this quirky kind of wheeze which I love.   I don't know how to exactly explain it, but it's the cutest.  Of course.

In certain light, I swear you're becomin' a Ginger.  And your eyes are constantly changing from hazel to light green to grey.

You're in your third session of swimming lessons and your favorite song in class is 'I'm goin' fishin', fishin' fishin'...'

You're saying 'daddy' 'baba' and 'bye bye'.  You still haven't mastered 'grammy' yet, but every chance I get, I'm coachin' you on that one.

Grammy is lookin' forward to summer and having picnics outside and going to the beach to find treasures.

Happy 10 months Landon.  You sweet boy.

Much love,